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Street extension, purchase of trucks OK'd by Pioneer council

Pioneer Village Council recently approved extending a street if a grant can be secured, and the purchase of two pieces of equipment.

Council tentatively agreed to an extension between Industrial to Clark streets at an estimated cost of $337,000. Pioneer Mayor Ed Kidston said the village is applying for a grant for $253,000 which can be used for the street or stormwater sewer portion of the project.

That would leave the village to pay about $125,000 for the remainder of the project, as well as installing a water line in that area. Kidston said village crews would be installing the water line to save on expense.

Kidston said the project would also help a couple of local businesses in the area of the project and open up property in the industrial park for development.

“If we get the grant, we’ll move forward and go from there,” Kidston said.

Council gave its approval to apply for the grant, as well as to enter into an engineering design contract for the project if the village receives the grant.

Council voted 4-2, with councilmen Will Cable and Trever West dissenting, to purchase a used vacuum truck for $74,000. Village Administrator Anthony Burnett said the truck is used to clean sewer blockages and catch basins.

The current one is a 1985 and the one he proposed purchasing is a 2012. He added the truck gets used 12-15 times per year.

“But it’s something that when you get that phone call that sewage is boiling out you better have a truck ready to roll,” Burnett said.

He added there will be some repair costs to the village, but he feels that can be done over time.

“There probably is $10,000 to $12,000 of stuff on the truck we should fix,” Burnett said.

Council unanimously approved the purchase of a digger derrick truck after four bids were received. The low bid was actually for a larger truck than specifications had called for, and the price was $364,000.

In other business, council:

Gave approval for a resident to seek donations for commemorative plaques honoring founders of the village. It is hoped the plaques will be ready by the 175th anniversary event of the village this summer.

Requested legislation be brought to it for rental rates for the community center. There will be public and commercial rates.

Was informed the Cedar Street project should be going out to bid next month.

Decided the village would not buy back cemetery plots previously purchased.

Learned the chassis and engine package for the new fire truck has been ordered.

Agreed to annex property around the village’s sewer lagoons into the village.

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