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Why Choose Williams County

Williams County specializes in providing innovative and cost-effective strategies for growth and expansion. Our team of experts can help you identify and capitalize on untapped opportunities within your sector. We are experienced in working with clients in industries such as distribution and logistics, automotive, food processing, plastic fabrication and injection molding. We want to help you make the most of your resources and maximize your return on investment.
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International Connections

Positioned within 2.5 hours of several international airports, including those serving Chicago and Detroit, Williams County ensures seamless global connectivity. Your business can thrive with the advantage of efficient air transportation, facilitating international trade and collaboration.

Regional Connections
Located on the border of both Michigan and Indiana, Williams County is accessible by the Ohio Turnpike, railroad, and several major highways. This provides high-speed transportation and economic development options with easy access to Chicago, Detroit, and the world.
Williams County also has a public use general aviation airport with a 5000' runway and is within 2.5 hours to several international airports.
Wlms Co Airport.jpg

Williams County's public use general aviation airport with a 5000' runway.

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Custom Training Solutions (CTS)

Enhance your workforce capabilities with Custom Training Solutions at Northwest State. Offering tailored programs in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government, and Business, CTS positions your team for success in a competitive landscape.

Colleges and Universities 

Educational Excellence: Proximity to leading institutions like Northwest State Community College, Defiance College, and Trine University ensures access to a skilled talent pool. High school students at Four County Career Center provide a future-ready workforce, ready to contribute to your business growth.


Williams County for its strategic location, connectivity, and educational resources. Join us in building a future where your business not only thrives but becomes an integral part of a dynamic and forward-looking community. Invest in success, invest in Williams County.

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