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BPA waives fees for new house to be built in city

The Williams County Port Authority will soon be building a new house on this lot in Bryan at 903 S. Main St. On Tuesday, the Bryan Board of Public Affairs agreed to waive some fees to help keep the cost down.

Brian Koeller | The Bryan Times

Wanting to keep momentum going on a movement to increase housing in the county, Bryan Board of Public Affairs Tuesday agreed to waive fees for a new housing project.

The request was made by Sean Rupp, a member of the Williams County Port Authority. That board has taken on the challenge of increasing housing in Williams County.

“We have started our second house, and have the third one in Bryan bid out,” Rupp said.

The house will be located at 903 S. Main St., which is currently a vacant lot.

Derek Schultz, director of utilities, said the fees would total $270 and have to do with the electric meter base and water connection. “That’s what’s been done in Montpelier and Edgerton so far and we’re doing everything we can to keep the cost down on the program so we can get the house built and sold for what’s it’s going to appraise for,” Rupp said.

He added it is hoped the selling price would be $170,000.

Rupp also reviewed the housing goals set by the port authority.

“The goal this year is 10 houses, this one will be the start of number three and I have two more on my desk with lots that are coming up in Montpelier and two more lots in Edon and we just found another lot in Edgerton, three in West Unity that have been offered to us,” Rupp said.

“I think we’re going to have enough locations to make 10 this year if we can keep everything rolling,” he added.

He also said the port authority is hoping to get a subdivision program rolling in the near future to open up new sites for houses to be built throughout the county.

Rupp said the current goal is to get 150 houses built in the next five years, although the estimate is that the county actually has a need for about 500 new houses.

Bryan Mayor Carrie Schlade told the board the port authority also was approved for a tax abatement for the lot location on 903 S. Main St. and will have administrative fees waived.

The BPA also approved spending $952,983 for a new power transformer for the electric plant as part of phase 2 of a rehabilitation project.

That was the lowest of two bids received and includes an extended warranty for $45,000. Even with the extended warranty, that bid was $112,000 less than the other bid.

However, due to supply chain issues, delivery on the transformer will not take place until September of next year at the earliest.

In other business, the BPA:

•Approved a request for installation of a streetlight in the 600 block of Circle Drive. The light will be a wooden pole with a 10-foot arm. There are currently no streetlights on that street. The cost is estimated at under $3,000.

•Approved a request to reclassify an engineering employee to fill a vacancy left by another employee taking another job. There was also approval to hire a new employee in the engineering department.

•Held two executive sessions. One was for the employment and compensation of public employees and the other was for acquisition of property. No action was reported.

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