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Bryan council, BPA Sale approved

By Lucas Bechtol

Bryan City Council and Bryan Board of Public Affairs (BPA) approved the sale of property at the Bryan North Industrial Park during a joint meeting Wednesday evening.

Nihart Real Estate, LLC, is now set to purchase 15 acres at the industrial park at a cost of $150,000.

Brian Wieland, city engineer, said the company was set to purchase just under six and a half acres at the Bryan Industrial and Commercial Complex (south park), and had even been approved to do so.

He said two other lots are also pending for sale at the south park.

“(Nihart) came to me about a month ago and said to me ‘My business plan has changed, I need more ground. My 10-year plan is crazy, I need 15 acres,’” Wieland said.

That created a problem finding property suitable for his expansion at the south industrial park.

So, instead, Wieland thought they could sell 15 acres on the westside of the north park.

“That will still leave us 60 acres to sell,” he said. “My theory is, let’s sell the west 15 acres, it’s up on a hill, it’s the end of our industrial park, we don’t own any more after.”

This won’t “box us in,” Wieland said. It also doesn’t box in Nihart, who could extend east into the industrial park or into one of the neighboring plots.

The plan, he added, is to have the business fully developed within five years and his business plan calls for around 130 employees.

Council and BPA approved selling the land in the north park and rescinding the offer to purchase land in the south park.

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