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Bryan Council OK's new T-Mobile retail store

This article is brought to you by The Bryan Times

By Carrie Bussing

Dec 7, 2022

Wes Wygant, superintendent of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, told Bryan City Council Monday that design work will soon begin to replace part of the wastewater treatment plant.

Photo by Carrie Bussing

A new T-Mobile retail store will be moving into the former Family Video building at 1020 S. Main St.

T-Mobile’s building permit to start renovations on the old Family Video building on Main Street was approved at the Bryan City Council meeting on Monday. The contractor has not yet been set, but the estimated cost for interior renovations are about $141,000.

No start date or opening date has been announced.

In comments, council members extended their gratitude towards the new business entering the city.

Family Video announced it was closing the Bryan and Defiance stores in September 2020.T-Mobile is the brand name used by some of the mobile communications subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG.

In other council action Monday:

• The Bryan City Wastewater Treatment Plant will soon begin the design portion of a second treatment project. This project will replace the original 1940s portion of the plant.

Wes Wygant, superintendent of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, explained that the $1,645,000 cost is strictly for the design; construction costs are additional. A Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) procurement process, in which the plant can select the best company to work with the engineer, will allow for a narrower budget.

“The savings for the community comes back to (the fact) that you have the construction manager on one side, the engineer on the other and the owner … all looking at the project. You can find ways to cut a lot of money,” Wygant said.

The project discussed last night would be paid by funds available in the wastewater operating budget and potential loans.

He said the project plans to wrap up sometime in 2025.

• The City of Bryan and the Wastewater Treatment Plant employees union were also able to come to a collective bargaining agreement that includes a cost of living adjustment over the three-year term of the contract and health care remains the same as for all city employees.

Mayor Carrie Schlade mentioned that the negotiations lasted less than a working day, which is “a nod to management and their comfort level at the plant,” she said.

• Council also approved an amendment to the City of Bryan Employee 2019 handbook. Employees hired before Jan. 1, 2021, will receive 100% of their sick leave payout up to 960 hours. For employees hired after Jan. 1, 2021, sick leave payout will be determined by their number of service years.

Bryan City Council’s next meeting will be Monday, Dec. 19 at 5:30 p.m. A special meeting is set for Wednesday, Dec. 28, at noon for a year-end budget review.

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