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Edgerton bringing back Food Truck Monday

Edgerton Village Councilman Jason Gruver, center, and his daughter, Autumn, right, order from the Hoosier Mama food truck in Edgerton during a Cinco de Mayor celebration in 2021. Food trucks are coming back to the village this spring.

Times file photo

The Village of Edgerton will continue to provide a food source for residents this spring, while also offering them a chance to get together and be entertained.

The spring Food Truck Monday kicks off Monday at 108 E. Indiana St.

The idea came about a couple of years ago during the pandemic, but continues today in an effort to help residents in other ways.

“This is a result of COVID,” said Edgerton Village Administrator Dawn Fitzcharles. “A lot of vendors were closed in 2021, so we decided to create a couple of outdoor events where people could still get together at a safe distance.”

She added the events continue, and are scheduled for Monday, as a way to help with the fact most restaurants in Williams County close on that day.

“There’s a struggle with food service on Monday,” Fitzcharles said. “I really believe in building communities holistically from the ground up.”

She added not everyone has the same experiences, so looking at things with different points of view can be important. For example, some might rely on a restaurant for food nearly every night, while some who do shop at the grocery might not always plan ahead.

Having the Food Truck Monday option can help out.

Fitzcharles said she believes the events draw people from other communities as well.

“We started doing this as a service to the community to get people out and active, and they loved it,” she said.

This year the events will feature two food trucks whenever possible to try to reduce wait times. A couple of dates will also feature musical entertainment for the crowds.

The dates for the events are April 24, 3-7 p.m.; May 8, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; May 22, 3-7 p.m., with musical guests Bill and the Boys with country music; June 19, 3-7 p.m., with music by Bobby Lee Henderson, kids games on the lawn and tricked out buggies on display.

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