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Port authority approves building contract, bidder document

The Williams County Port Authority approved a construction contract for another house Wednesday.

Fackler Enterprises will build the house, which is located at 108 Lynn St. in West Unity, at a cost of $129,339.46.

This will be the second house in West Unity, authority member Sean Rupp said. The authority had previously approved Fackler Enterprises to build a neighboring house at 106 Lynn St.

Rupp said this house has been slightly redesigned from the authority’s standard unit.

“We just moved the garage to the side, with a wider truss,” he said. “We added a half bath to it.”

Separately, the authority also approved an “instructions to bidders” document.

Authority Chair Dave Newcomer said the agreement would be signed by any company that submits a bid for construction.

Although most of the terms in the contract are “common sense,” he said there is a provision about subcontractors.

“If we’re not comfortable with that (subcontractor), we have the right, under this, to say ‘OK, you have the bid, but we don’t want that person doing the work, so submit an alternate,’” Newcomer said. “If it costs more, it’s our expense, but we have the right to make that choice.”

When asked if he believed that would be an issue, Newcomer said he wanted to be careful because “I can’t recover completely from being a lawyer.”

Newcomer said there may be subcontractors the board doesn’t want to work with for some reason, with Rupp saying the subcontractor could be someone who is in financial trouble or has a history of questionable work.

Newcomer said the bid document would have a list of subcontractors the bidders intend to use.

In other business, the authority:

• Approved allowing two of three particular authority members to sign closing documents. Those three will be: Rupp, Vice Chair Dawn Fitzcharles and Newcomer. Prior to this action, only Rupp and Fitzcharles were allowed to sign, but Newcomer was added to accommodate if one was unavailable.

• Heard an update about the housing study performed by DiSalvo Development Advisors, LLC.

• Discussed the possibility of having contractors signing a document stating everyone, including subcontractors, is paid prior to the authority writing the last check. Rupp said Fitzcharles is concerned about receiving a bill from someone after the last check was written. Newcomer said he would work on a form for approval at the next meeting.

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