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Port Authority awards bid, buys property

Williams County Port Authority member Sean Rupp, right, presented a $128,446.10 bid from Andelynn Homes to build a house in Edgerton for the authority. Pictured at left is board member Dick Reed.

Lucas Bechtol | The Bryan Times

The Williams County Port Authority is one step closer to building its next house after it awarded a bid for construction in Edgerton Tuesday.

During the special meeting, the authority awarded the bid for the construction of their second house in Williams County, this one to be located at 307 N. Oak St., Edgerton.

Andelynn Homes out of Pioneer had the winning bid of $128,446.10.

“That includes $36,346.10 for the material package from Menards, so you’ve got about $92,000 in labor and subcontracting services in addition to materials,” said Sean Rupp, authority member. “We had two other quotes that were not specifically for that lot... all the quotes where within $1,000. So, we’re right on the money.”

Andelynn Homes built the previous house for the authority, located at 333 Monroe St., Montpelier. Construction on that home was finished earlier this year. The authority sold the house on March 7 to Timothy and Donielle Radcliffe for $156,000. Also at the meeting, authority members approved purchasing two empty lots in Edon. Those lots are owned by David Wehrle, who offered to sell the plots last month for $10,000 a piece.

According to a map Wehrle brought at the previous meeting, the lots are .29 acres and .35 acres and are located on Bunny Lane.

Authority President Dave Newcomer said he reached out to Ohio Gas about getting gas hookup to those lots.

“We won’t have an answer from them for a little while, yet,” he said. “They want to rethink what they’re charging. It might cost as much as $6,000 to get there, but I don’t think it’ll cost anywhere near that.”

Rupp said other houses in the area might be interested in getting gas hookup and that would reduce the cost.

He added Northwestern Electric Cooperative would provide the electricity.

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