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Port Authority Awards contract to build Bryan house.

Monday, May 1 2023

The Williams County Port Authority is moving forward with its next house, after awarding the building contract for it at their meeting last week.

Fackler Enterprises will build the house, located at 903 S. Main St., quoting $125,000 for the construction.

Sean Rupp, authority board member, said with the way the lot is positioned, the design of the house will be a bit different than others.

Namely, this house will have the garage in the back.

“With it being a narrow lot and having the garage in the back, we did add a wall, but we saved an end wall,” Brian Christian, Fackler Enterprises project manager, said. “So, essentially it’s only six to 10 feet of wall, some custom framing for the valley so it fits in our original quote.”

Colt Fackler, Fackler Enterprises owner, said he had enough workers ready to begin construction around the end of May.

Christian said the construction should be done by the end of August.

The board unanimously voted to approve awarding Fackler Enterprises the contract.

Rupp said designs would be identical to the house they built in Montpelier, they just put the garage in the back.

Fackler did ask about how the payment for the project was going to work.

“The materials from Menards all go direct onto our account, so you don’t have to put out any money for that,” Rupp said. “The other items that we have accounts with for concrete and that kind of thing can go either way. You can pay those out or have that billed direct to us that way so you aren’t putting it out of pocket.”

He said they would subtract the funds they are billed for, such as the Menards materials, from the quote and the authority would pay them the balance.

This is the second house they will be building this year. During a special meeting last month, they awarded a contract to Andelynn Homes out of Pioneer to build a house at 307 N. Oak St. in Edgerton for around $128,000.

Andelynn Homes also built their first house, which was completed and sold earlier this year, in Montpelier.

The goal is to build 10 houses this year, 25 next year and have 400 built within 10 years.

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