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Port Authority groundbreaking for Montpelier house

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By Ron Osburn

Oct 5, 2022

Officials involved in developing a new home on a vacant parcel of land in Montpelier who gathered for a ceremonial groundbreaking of the project on Wednesday include, from left to right, Kevin Motter, Montpelier councilman; Chris Kannel, Montpelier councilman; Melissa Ewers, Montpelier councilwoman; Pastor Ben Harris; Bart Westfall, Williams County Port Authority member; Justin Houk, Montpelier deputy village manager; Dawn Fitzcharles, William County Port Authority member; Sean Rupp, Williams County Port Authority; Jason Rockey, Montpelier Village Manager; Kellie Gray, Williams County Land Bank; Don Schlosser; Montpelier councilman; Joe Martin, contractor; Vickie Grimm; Williams County Land Bank.

Photo by Ron Osburn

Members of the William County Port Authority, county Land Bank, Montpelier village officials and others involved in developing a new home on a vacant parcel of land in Montpelier gathered for a ceremonial groundbreaking of the project on Wednesday.

The one story, three bedroom, single-family residence, nicknamed “Grass Roots 1,” is the first home building project the Port Authority is facilitating. The site is an empty lot at 503 Ohio St., at South Monroe Street, in Montpelier.

The house — obtained through the Williams County Land Reutilization Corporation (Land Bank) — is being built “on spec,” or without having a definite buyer but with the expectation of finding one when work is completed.

The project is the kickoff of the Port Authority’s mission to facilitate the development of residential homes in Williams County priced under $150,000, according to Port Authority member Sean Rupp. Rupp said the Port Authority is not the builder but is a middle man facilitating the building process by securing funding and obtaining lots and contractors to do the construction. “We’re trying to develop affordable housing for the county. We’re breaking ground on this one this week, and we think we’ll have another (building lot site) one very soon,” Rupp said Wednesday.

Rupp said the village of Montpelier is waiving zoning and permit fees to help facilitate the process. He said the timeline is to substantially complete the construction in early 2023, then market it to potential buyers.

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