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Stryker council sets spring cleanup

Stryker Village Council Monday made a slight adjustment to the 2024 budget and also reviewed guidelines for the spring cleanup, which is Saturday, May 4.

Trucks will be onsite beginning at 7 a.m. to pick up junk household items (must be empty of freon), empty barrels, lawn and garden items (liquids must be drained) and construction materials (no concrete or concrete blocks), village administrator Al Riegsecker told council. He advised residents not to put items out more than a week before pickup, and, in Stryker, recyclers may pick through the items set out by the street or roadway.

No hazardous waste, tires, bagged trash, liquids, semi-liquids or semi-solids are accepted on May 4.

Council also approved a revised 2024 budget of $1,412,213.44, which is about $3,540 higher than previously approved. The change is due to a recently received $4,476 police training grant, village fiscal officer Beth Rediger said. The balance of the grant is being held by the village to cover potential future expenses related to the grant.

Rediger also noted for the most recent month, village revenue was about $126,000 versus expenses of $156,000. She said the village’s liability insurance was due and some funds went for drainage expenses, both of which are “not typical” and “once a year” expenses, accounting for the deficit.

Village Police Chief Steve Mendez reported he anticipates another staff training session on the new software that is replacing outdated software. He said the new software is “a whole new world” compared to the outdated software, but is the same as that being used by all other law enforcement agencies in the county.

Councilman Dusty Potter said he’s seeking a “good, economical, humane solution” for the stray cat population in the village.

“I’m not trying to open a can of worms, but I am willing to see what we can figure out,” said Potter, who added he’s been inundated by stray cats on his property. Mayor Joey Beck noted that stray cats have been a long time issue in the village and no long-term solution has been found. Potter said in his research, he’s looking for what individuals can do versus hiring an outside entity.

In other action:

Rediger said she’s received a number of calls and questions about electric bills now that the village has joined with a new energy aggregator, along with West Unity, Edon, Center Township and Springfield Township. The change affects the supplier part of the bill, and letters announcing the change, and the option to opt out, were sent out prior to the change, she said. For more information, call Rediger at 419-682-2191.

Riegsecker and Rediger noted the village anticipates applying for three different grants to help pay for the overhaul of the village water plant near the Sauder manufacturing plant. The upgrade for the water tower near the school was completed within the past year.

Riegsecker announced he is compiling a list of sidewalks that need repair or replaced. Contact him at 419-682-7119 for more information. He also noted the contractor on the new house under construction by the Williams County Port Authority said it should be completed within a few weeks. The house, at the corner of West Curtis and King streets, is the first of two that is expected to be built on the site.

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