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Stryker looking to rehab water tower

Stryker Village Administrator Alan Riegsecker said he is “fairly confident” the village receive a Community Development Block Grant to paint the water tower on Railroad Avenue.

STRYKER— The Stryker Village Council approved having the village administrator apply for a Community Development Block Grant to rehabilitate the village’s second water tower.

The application is for $418,000 to rehabilitate the water tower located on Railroad Avenue.

Also known as the “Ferro Tower,” it’s not to be confused with the tower at Stryker Local Schools facility, which was rehabilitated last year.

Village Administrator Alan Riegsecker said the village will be able to use the school tower while work is being done on the Ferro tower, which will likely be repainted with Stryker instead of Ferro.

Fiscal Officer Beth Rediger said the work would primarily be painting.

“It’s going to be painted inside and out, stripped and painted,” she said. “And then the hatch at the top will be redone, also. It’s like a vent-type hatch opening.”

Currently, the outside of the tower has a lead-based paint.

Rediger said everything inside the tower is in good shape, that it’s structurally sound and the fresh paint job will last 20-25 years.

Riegsecker said village officials are already working on a project at the water plant in preparation.

“We’re doing some other things we need to prepare with our water plant because there’s some items that connect to the tower that we want to get done before that,” he said.

Rediger said this inside work has to do with the telemetry, which is involved when one tank switches to the other tank.

“Right now we have a bad circuit board,” she said. “Before we go down to just one (tower) we definitely want that fixed.”

Riegsecker was “fairly confident” the village would get the grant.

Rediger said the village worked with Maumee Valley Planning Organization (MVPO) to draft the application.

“We made it through the second public hearing and we were chosen,” she said. “It was down to four of us and (Williams County commissioners) picked ours.”

Three projects can open up every two years in the county, Rediger continued, with only one spot open this year.

With the commissioners approving the project, she said it went on to the state. There is $500,000 available for the grant.

“Maumee Valley makes sure all the ducks are in a row on the application process,” Rediger said. “Alan and I had to do a little more, answer questions that they had. It’s more than likely we’ll get that in May 2024.”

The village would only be responsible for administrative fees in relation to the grant, which she said would be around $48,000.

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